Read Read Read and Read!!!


No more parties, no more hanging out, no more loitering in the lawns, no songs , no gala, no cafe coffee day. Everyone is locked up in their rooms or in the LRC doing one thing - reading. Its strange the kind of change the atmosphere here has had, scary too for those who were all gala till like 3 days back are at their tables reading 8-9 hrs a day . And its only day 3 of core term 1.

I understand the one crore salary pressure part and the requirement of the so called 'spike' in academics that a Mckinsey or BCG job needs but then aren't we missing something critical here by being all studies, aren't there other things to take from a MBA.

Had my first quiz today , it is supposed to contribute 5 marks towards the overall grade , i managed to score 4 and guess what i am at least one standard deviation away from the top mark ;-)(yes it was a stats quiz)

Have been reading the blogs of several alums and its surprising how they have gone thru the exact same thing we are going thru, 3 years from their batch ISB life still is the same.

waiting for morrows class to end so that I can earn a well deserved weekend(hopefully). I am in a dilemma now should i go to sleep or read (when in rome be roman)