Too lazy to blog!!!


What happened from may 19th to may 27th:

Mid terms got over and we blinked and its term exams in another couple of days. As if this wasnt enough pressure, we were gifted with a few assignments to keep us 'busy'. The weekend was spent preparing for the elections which in a way was a not so efficient use of time, since most of the batch dint turn up for the soapbox. But then democracy has its own disadvantages, and the person who is campaigning has to devote time for the same.

One efficient use of time was the blood donation camp that was organized here by "Team Net Impact" it attracted 263 donors and was very well managed Kudos to the team. But for my participation in the event most of the time period from may 19(my last blog) till now may 27th has been spent on not so important items. The results of mid term came out and I managed to stay below average in all exams.

Now I have an excuse for not studying, I have been practicing lines such as "man mid terms killed my enthu", "exams are not indicative of ones wisdom", "grades are not important" etc.

The campaigning for the elections along with itself brought the side effects - mud slinging, kicking some dirt and I am so much in a quagmire now that if not rescued i might drown ;-). Ok PJs apart - the campaigning has been a great experience, I got to know several things about myself, went thru a round of ego bashing, there were highs and lows and one gets to figure out who his friends are.

I have been fighting to get enough sleep and the last few days have missed my breakfast , the sad part is i have already paid for the same. And finally the subject of this blog, all the happenings and the lack of sleep have kinda drained me out, I have been running slight temperature the last two days too. All this makes me too weak and too lazy to blog.