Its been a month!!!


April 12th 2008, we set foot at ISB and then commenced our PGP in Management. Its May 12th 2008 today and at the risk of quoting a cliche "time just flew" , It was hectic, It was demanding, It was fun, It was puzzling, it was interesting but whatever it was we have conquered this last one month and its now behind us. I hope the remaining 11 months fly this way too.



neo said... your posts in PG and observed that you have been quite good helping all PGites.. so read your blog too..

but on the very first post in ISB, i felt i read smth wrong..You have posted 2009 for today's date and since you are already into ISB..i m pretty sure you are speaking abt future ;) 2008 is the correction reqd i guess..

btw i m Getneonow from PG..bookmarked your blog..will read if i smth interesting here (apart from personal fun n stuff..

taking GMAT in aug and apping only for ISB this yr..sure will seek your help then :)

Badrinath.V.S said...


Thanks for the kind words and thanks for pointing out the error

Would be glad to help in any way i can .