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"Aa Ante" - Sung by Malathi(of manmadha rasa fame) from the move "Arya ". This song is kinda like the anthem at ISB - at least for my batch.

The song's dedicated to SV , who felt sad that the last few days there has been no song playing in my blog.



The Teacher said...

Hey Badri,

Have been following your blog for quite sometime now. You gave a nice makeover to your blog.. this one's better, good one.

Seems like you've got used to the flow at ISB.. careful man, don't get carried away ;)

All the best.

Badrinath.V.S said...

hey teacher, would be great to run into u, are u still in campus.


P.S :thanks for the compliments and yes for the warning.

The Teacher said...

Yes I'm on campus, as a spouse tho.

- Nitin