The Weak-End!!!


One week of core terms is over, the first week, loads of misconceptions, loads of fear , loads of anxiety got removed only to be replace with new loads ;-). I am weak have been loitering around the campus with no mood to hit the books. We have a party in our village today to celebrate completing the one week. A new week starts morrow morning with this weeks assignments ;-)

First class of Leadership development programme happened today , I dont subscribe to much of what was told but I need the grades so will follow whatever order that is made. I was very pleased to see the feedback people had given about me one of my colleagues had written "Badri should continue to be badri" in reply to a question "What is your advice for the person" I was touched. Of course a couple also mentioned that I was arrogant (yes they will get touched ;-) ). Will write sometime in detail about LDP. For now me heading towards the dance floor. Wheres the party tonight in SV2 Wheres the party tonight at ISB Wheres the party tonight.....