Max fun!!!


The Stats Quiz got over this morning and then it was immediately weekend. I slept thru the economics class, came home and slept till 8 and now am chatting and blogging. There is this huge sigh of relief.

I have never been a topper and wanted to be a deans lister when i joined isb. Its been only weeks here and i have already given up on that goal. The new moto "read what u can, write what u remember, make peace with the score u get, the objective is max fun". 3 quaddies who stay locked up and read, read, read are a bit scary and dont help much in my have max fun moto but then jinka dimag hei woh tho padengey hee, but true to the new moto i have created, i have been contributing several spams to the isb students mailing list and sleeping a lot. :-)

How i wish all days at ISB stay as light as this one.