Lost my dancing shoes!!!


Rather must say misplaced Its 4 AM I am still awake the party is on at SV2 mirror pool. About 100 odd dancing but somehow I have lost the enthu and the interest , I love dancing but the last 2-3 parties the enthu to shake a leg was something I cudnt find. might be cos of complex there are so many stags who can give prabhudeva a run for his money , or may be because the movements so replicate a cockroach which has been sprayed with hit and that I hate cockroaches ;-)

Anyways thats abt the dancing shoes, The first untoward incident at ISB happened to me abt 30 min back, One guy in high "spirit" punched me in my stomach twice, wasnt sure whether to hit him back or excuse him for his "spirits". Why did he hit me , cos i wasnt dancing, and yes he did shower some expletives too. Wonder how educated, high IQ folks in some wonderful professions can get very high "spirited".