Statistics is not all mean !!! - All puns intended


I am amazed at my skill of coming up with new titles quite some improvement i would say. Yesterday wasnt that eventful so dint blog, Went to RK mutt, slogged with Stats and economics (Pre read for todays class, imagine having to do a pre read of 100 pages) till 2 am and it was all OHT (over head transmission)

Woke up scared this morning and took my place in the stats class(boy have i got good seats, even though the chair creeks a lot giving me unwanted class participation points.) Enter Bob Stein , he rocks , this is my first class with a foreign professor and I must say there is a marked difference between his teaching style and that of the other indian professors who handled some classes for us (who btw are from some very reputed B Schools in india). He was a bit too fast for my grasping abilities but well he dispelled my fears of lack of preparation and some how managed to drop some statistics gyan into me. (Never knew what i was talking about when i answered my isb interview panel saying "well i want to join isb cos of the great international faculty it has blah blah" now i do).

Economics class was interesting too, we played a game and I made Rs.3.50(I could have made 5 had i understood the concept better). I know its just one class and really too early to comment on faculty and teaching but so far so great.

My study group(a gang of 5 which is supposed to enrich each others knowledge by their diversity and work together on some assignments) met officially for the first time today and guess what - one person was missing ;-). Thats abt it so far wasted the last 2 hrs in chit chat , so i guess its time to get to studies - pre read for morrow's class