Gearing up to shift to next gear !!!


April 25th - Day 14th at ISB. we have received mails from the profs or the academic associates regarding the core term subjects. In a way its a bit scary. The core terms start monday april 28th.

The first proper (but informal) consulting meeting happened 25th night with two alums from BCG, the junta had several questions to pose and the alums patiently answered each one of them. Yet again it was proved that ISB's greatest assets are the alums.

Post the meeting there was a back to school party(remember core starts monday), the participation in this party was way lower than the previous 3. But nevertheless the party was on.

Folks have started purchasing books now for core 1 and some are also giving the books a read.Its weird that I am yet to gear up . I registered for the preterms to get into the practice of sitting in class for 6hrs a day and to do homeworks etc. But what do i really do, sleep till 1.30, skip classes never do home work, so much for match practice.