Day 7 at ISB!!!


Today 18th April 2008 is our 7th day at ISB, i realized my blogging at 1 am and 2 am was leading to confusion about the dates hence the clarification. The orientation week is almost coming to an end. just 1 more day to go.

Today has by far been the most relaxing day in our stay here, I skipped the gyan sessions in the morning and that allowed me to sleep till 9 in the morning, Just one pedagogy session to attend at 1 pm that lasted till 3pm and then we were free to go.

The football and cricket finals are going on, the non-sports enthusiast that i am , i got to steal some time from there too and spend it at the swimming pool. There is the screening of a movie(which was made at ISB by a alum) at 11pm that i hope to catch. Some of us are preparing for the farewell party thats morrow. I helped design the invitation to alums(co08) for the same. There is also a talent night scheduled morrow and when i walked past the village i could see folks crooning and shaking their legs in preparation for the talent night.


P.S: - Everywhere I turn I see IITians or delhiites or Delhi IITites , so much for diversity :-)