Day 12 at ISB!!!


April 23 - Moms bday so wished her at 12 am, woke up at 5.30 am thanks to appa's gift (the alarm clock) but went back to sleep to wake up at 7.45, rushed to the 8 am stats class but went in at 8.15 ;-)

Slept thru most of it, Accounts was good, post that from 1 pm to 4.30 pm spoke with seniors/staff and picked some gyan. Realized what i had been told several times before by seniors ...

-- if u are an ISB aspirant and thot reading my blog doesnt pay , well here is the news that might change ur mind and help u save 15k perhaps even more --

... the preterms arent worth it. I shouldnt have taken them(Talk about sunk costs ;-) ). Decided to walk out of the math class midway and went to RK mutt, came back at 11 and joined the swimming pool dunking party, although only 1 of the two bday boys turned up 11 of us got dunked and it was fun :-)


P.S :Can you believe it dozen days gone