Day 3 at ISB!!!


The morning started at 9 am today with a series of really boring lectures. I slept through most of them. Post lunch we had a treasure hunt , which although it made us run a lot was quite fun. Finally I got thrown into the swimming pool as part of the treasure hunt. ;-)

I got back my laptop today from the ISB IT team , they installed a new license of windows but removed all my drivers, took me close to 2.5 hrs to reinstall everything and I am still not done with the wireless connectivity. The internet connectivity is very fast here.

The series of informal lectures on the clubs here starts today , actually one such lecture on the placom is in progress right now.

There was a party last night, but i dint find it really interesting even though the DJ did play good numbers, i am told that post 1 am the party got real interesting.

Our study groups got formed today .