Day 8 at ISB!!!


The 19th of april 2008 , started at 12.45 pm for me, thats right i managed to sleep that long even at isb. so what all did i miss out on while sleeping.

i) Some gyan sessions
ii) A guest lecture by someone from Azim Premji Foundation(which i hear was good)
iii) loads of study time.

What did i achieve about 10 hrs of good sleep. The "Talent Nite" took place in the evening , I danced with some friends and we spent most of the afternoon preparing for the same.

The farewell party scheduled for 11 pm started at 12 midnight , i was there till 2am but felt bored and sleepy. I guess event the party enthus wear off , like other things to which one is over exposed one gets bored about.


update : went back to the party at 3am and am back now(6 am), the party is still on, from the crowd on the dance floor i presume it will go on for another hour. There was a lot of emotional overflow , the alums were hugging each other and crying. I dint know this one year here could create such emotionally intimate relationships.