Day 6 at ISB!!!.


Today was both good and bad

Good cos - I got to skip the gyan sessions
Got the wireless in my laptop fixed
Attended our first case study which was wonderful
Attended the leadership programme which was great
Had section gyan (sec E) which was good too but for the prolonged intros
Skipped the club gyans
Attended a party from 11pm to 4.30 am , danced so badly that my knees pain inspite of a good hot water bath

Bad : - Cos i believe its going to get more hectic going forward and i am yet to manage the current schedule properly
The class diversity and strength is scary almost everyone is a stud
ISB is not helping my spirituality,

I had known from what i had heard from seniors that the materialism and sexuality at ISB will be damaging to my spiritual pursuit. I had strongly followed parahamsas warning and tried hard to stay away from women and gold, But the seniors were proved right, constant chit-chats and flirting(or attempts at flirting) at ISB arent helping me. I know i got to stop but its too tempting. As far as materialism goes , well there is competition here, hence there is competitiveness and jealousy and that doesnt help too. I cant blame ISB for it , obviously its my perspective thats harming me but in any case i am mentioning it since the same has become an integral part of my isb life now.

I already feel that I have lost all the spirituality i gained by staying at thiruvanamalai for 4 days. (can people lose the good karmas they have earned ;-)) I guess only time will tell how well i stay spiritual through the course.