Oh alas you changed!!!


A million thoughts escape my mind but yet none spoken
As hard as i might try my closed lips just wont open
You are leaving me cos you feel I have changed
You cry that i am different and now with me you feel estranged.

I know not what will hold you back
For i know not why with me you set shack
I was dry, unfriendly , ugly and a jerk
But you soft, sweet and a beauty that made millions berserk

Yet you came to me and blushed that I am your match
Even as i said i am rock, you beautiful gold and I am afraid i will scratch
"The pungence is on the surface at heart you are honey,"
you said, "marry me for being together is our destiny.

I shall change you and make you all honey oh honey
in spite of the rudeness you are at times jovial and funny
I am sure those good things i can make stay for ever
am convinced once with me , all your bad from you will sever"

At your sight I was oh gal badly smitten
with the promise of a great new life i was into submission beaten
I took your hand for i felt the need
to become a better man , to make a tree of our just sown love seed

And now you leave me citing my change as the reason
Oh dear is this not with love playing treason
Honey you found in me and as a bee hovered around even whilst i was a bud
But now when with love when i blossom , you put me in the ground and crush me in the mud.



Ramakrishnan R said...

you are amazing man... read the poem and hear the song.. deadly combination....

Badrinath.V.S said...

ramaks thanks da

madhu said...

what a poem....my god!!!!!!!!!awesome badri.... :-)

Badrinath.V.S said...

thanks madhu

Vidya said...

what a nice one badri! landed here after seeing your zoho post:-) which i guess has brought quite some traffic to you too:-))


Badrinath.V.S said...

Thanks for the kind words Vidhya, Yes the post on ZOHO kinda doubled the traffic to my blog