Day 9 at ISB!!!


20th april 2008, day 9 at ISB , I woke up at 1pm perhaps that how long u sleep after attending a party till 6 in the morning.

Today was a day off for us from a tiring 8 day stint, most of us went into the city for dinner, lunch or a hyderabad tour. I personally went to Ramakrishna Mutt and spent some time with Thakur.

There has been a bit of an unwinding today and folks can be seen loitering around, chit chatting , relaxing etc. The preterms begin morrow the 21st. Most who arent taking the preterms have left for their homes and will return once the core terms start on 28th.

We are being bombarded with mails from our batchmates these days. Everyone wants to discuss his/her field of interest, get to know like minded people etc So there are mails ranging from golf club to consulting club and oil and gas enthusiasts. Ironically everyone who sends out a mail seems to apologize for spamming. At the last count it was 124 mails in 4 days. which is interesting considering the fact that some of us are yet to get our laptops. I personally contributed 3 mails to the list of 124. but i wasnt discussing clubs so hope i wasnt spamming.

Spoke to the IT folks about mail lists , they cudnt impart much gyan so waiting to meet some of their bosses and get things sorted , hoping that with mailing lists in place (i see that the previous batch has created several) the spams will reduce.


P.S: is sending mails trying to collect like minded people a PR building exercise ;-)

P.S1: a good number of the class has started studying , some even seem to be studying in groups :-(

P.S 2 :I have been thinking I should add more pics to this blog and incidentally some batchmates suggested the same too, will see what i can do about that.