Of Rat Race and Preterms at ISB!!!


April 24 - Day 13 at ISB inauspicious you could say . It has been in a way, I am running low on enthu, something crept into me that says ISB is just another "Indian" school. Nah i dont mean to insult India or ISB by any means, but its just a thought , mebbe when i pass out if you cross me i will give u a totally different opinion.

Some how everything i see the folks (the majority) doing seems to be gearing towards the rat race , acting "smart" in class, asking utterly useless doubts (neither contributing to class or themselves), PR building to run for presidents of various clubs and activities, getting into cliques and working secret "strategies of combat" and above all wanting to go to consulting and especially mckinsey.

I was hoping i will discover my strengths and weaknesses, realize whats my passion and here i will see a class that has wide variety of interests. But then cant blame them either its our schooling and the way we are brought up. And yesit must be noted that i am a part of the system too and i behave much the same way.

Another note worthy thing was the discipline part, we are divided into sections and although it would be impossible to switch sections during core terms during pre terms it is possible and very easy too , since there is no attendance marked. So people switch sections at their will, making it a tad inconvenient for others to find seats also several attend the preterms without having paid the preterm fee (atleast thats what i hear several griping ;-) ). now that begs a question at ISB one of the leading schools arent folks expected to be more disciplined or ethical ? well u might want to pose the question as, is doing this unethical ? ..... hmm so lets just agree its a thing of perception .

Also from another angle, while we are at preterms I really cant understand why ISB cant make the preterms free.


P.S : did u notice the change in the title


Bhavesh said...

Hi Badri,

Did notice the change in the title. Good going. Waiting for the pics to be uploaded.

Anonymous said...

dude you don't need to worry....its the same everywhere the rat race imeant even in US b School.

and its gonna get fine in another couple of months.Till then good luck

p.s : f..k seems like every batch at ISB is the same ;-)

Badrinath.V.S said...

Hey Anon,

Presume you are an alum, Surprised to know its the same at US b schools, and hope it gets fine


Anonymous said...

Yes i am from batch of 2008 but still not an alum as i am still to graduate.Currently on an exchange program in US.

And just relax and have fun.The next year is gonna be the best year of your life