Are you a Shiv Bakht!!!


Now this gal walks upto me and says - "hey arent u the guy who wears the white paint something on your forehead, why do you do it are you a shiv bakht". Nope i am not cheer leading for the Shiv Bakths squad(I dont mind actually) and hence its not paint. Its sacred ash and why do i apply it long story .....

I figured out that one way of keeping up my spirituality and spiritual leanings at ISB to get into some discipline and rituals (as much as i dont like rituals) so I do madhyanigam(a kind of pooja done in the afternoons by brahmins) everday. And when i do something with interest i do it properly so i smear the sacred ash at places where its supposed to be smeared and that my lady is the reasoning.

But what abt the shiv bakht part. Arunachala Siva , Arunachala Siva , Arunachala - I am a devotee of Arunachala .