So much for planning!!!


After making a detailed plan for the expenses for the month and storing the same as a xls on my hard disk, my computer crashed. mobo problem. But I was wise I had set aside 5k for incidental expenses. Got myself a new mobo and a processor(my old processor wont do well on this processor) costed me 6.4k a tad above my budget but i thought that was ok.

Came home fixed the mobo and processor , everything was going alright and dadack!!! i dropped the screw driver on the mobo , it scratched the circuit and i find myself spending another 2.5k now - so much for planning. :(



Ramakrishnan R said...

enna koduma badri idhu ?

Badrinath.V.S said...

adha yen da ramaks ketkara , adhan yen ketkara