The sales vs recovery agents !!! - Consumer Protection

Its kinda ironical but while a SBI Credit Cards sales person ran behind me for almost a week, called me several times to sell a credit card that I dint need much.

A recovery agent, today, called my home and my dad 5-6 times within 3 hrs, for a 1 month delay in payment of Rs.1120 , two years after i purchased the card from SBI.

I dont understand, at one end these companies want to do business, at the other the qualities such as customer friendliness and all that crap is totally forgotten. I can understand the need for recovery agents but what i cant understand is

i) why does the agent call my house or my dad, when sbi has my cell number
ii) why does he use abusive language
iii) why do they harass people with so many calls.
iv) why do these morons have to call me and remind me to pay when yesterday i called them and told them i have dropped the cheque and apologized for the late payment - guys havent u heard of something called a tracking system.
v) u do fine folks for late payment right, 350 or wateva and its just one month delay, so fine me go ahead and see if i still dont pay next month why all this hurry is SBI going bankrupt without my 1120 rupees.
vi) why cant i make a complain against these people at some place/forum/council and get to see some justice - a call to their 'every friendly' customer "support" helped me get a sorry - i guess thats the maximum justice i can get

The other day a medical shop fellow , took me for a ride by charging me 1 rupee extra on a 6 rupee purchase, why cos no bills are given for a 6 rupee purchase, no one checks to see if they are charged right for such small amounts , and while trading at such small quantities that re.1 extra is a business "adjustment".

When i questioned him , he bad mouthed me and said he doesnt need such bad customers. When i threatened to lodge a complaint he confidently replied "go and tell who ever you want I feed enough people to handle trouble makers like you". Sometimes I get scared of living in such a society - NDTV, Citizen Journalist TVs , somebody listen to me , help help help.......

How do I fight these folks....