One visitor signed off!!!


Doesn't it so often seem that Shakespeare was so totally correct when he said all the world is a stage and we mere actors. When you look at this stage and actors thingy with you as the point of reference then well your life is the drama and the folks around you the actors ,you the hero(finally one place where u can be that) and someone unknown the script writer/director.

For some strange reason this director introduces new character quite so often, One such character to enter this play(my life) was a colleague called "Shubashri". Not all these characters that are introduced get closely woven into the main stream of the story. Some stay for a few scenes and fade away to come later.

But Shubashri this morning decided to sign off for ever. She passed away this morning after a being hospitalized for 8 days post an accident she met with on new years eve.

Interestingly I was a character too in her short but i am sure beautiful play. I hope I played my part well.

God bless you Shubashri, may your soul rest in peace.


P.S: Strange are the ways of the world. I dint post a blog when my grandmother(one of the greatest and most important characters in my play) died, perhaps I dint feel so saddened then cos I was expecting the same, she was old, hospitalized, suffering from heart problems etc, but today was so depressed that i had to give my thoughts words.