Rebirth - Thoughts!!!


Too many thoughts have been taunting me the last 10-15 days. While there is nothing unusual about my being troubled by thoughts, whats unusual is that even while I was happy touring places like cape comorin and trivandrum these depressing thoughts were taunting me. So what was i thinking about that depresed me so much - Rebirth

I was thinking what the world would be like if one were to know what he is going to be born as? Of course there are several schools of thought about rebirth and i am sure there will be several lines of thought for my question. But just imagine a situation, a guy is struggling in this birth, has lots of dreams, but is unsuccesful is achieving any of it as hard as he might try, his role model in life late.Mr.X has achieved all of his dreams and also become a legend. And one fine day he finds out that he was Mr.X in his past birth. How futile will his life seem? how relevant will aims, goals and achievement be if one realises its a game played over several births and even if u win this one, u might be the biggest loser in the next?

btw the idea above is copyright 2009 Badrinath, I plan to right a book with this as the subject ;-)