And ISB is FT 15!!!!


ISB has moved up 5 places in the Financial Times MBA rankings and is now the 15th best B-School in the world.

I would like to dismiss this as just another number that grown ups in academia play with but then for the last 30 min I have been pondering what it really means to ISB
Thinking aloud:
i) The placements this year arent the best we have had, like every other school out there we have been hit by recession. FT20 dint help us much in this frontier
ii) I would like to believe the number of foreign students interested in us has gone up. Although their numbers aren't a significant percentage of the desi populace at school, the number of foreigners coming through exchange programs and no,of foreigners applying to ISB has definitely gone up.
iii) For every 10 people in India who dont know what IIMs are there are still 100 who dont know what ISB is (Its my alma matter so I have shrunk the number a bit but if I were to be truthful it wud be around 200-250 i guess)
iv) The no.of foreign companies interested in ISB hasnt risen much, mebbe recession , mebbe it takes time but then how do students benefit from FT15 if the foreign companies dont come for recruitments.
v) I just cant digest that Cornell ranks below us and Tuck is only two places above am I missing something or is it FT
vi) Btw how credible is the FT ranking is it the best in the industry/area
vii) There is one another point i want to add here but I will reserve it till I finish the course

Anyways congrads to my alma matter for the achievement, for whatever its worth FT15 sure does seem big, after all which other school that is less than 10 years old has gotten this far



Arnab Thakur said...

Glad to find someone whose opinion echoes with mine on this subject.