Delhi 6 - A Movie Review - Yeh Silly hey merey yaar!!!


Ok first of all I must acknowledge having stolen the title of my review from that of Raja Sen's here.

But for A.R.Rahman's awesome music, a very good performance by Sonam Kapoor and some nostalgic memories of Delhi and Indian way of life(If you are a Delhiite or have been away from home for long) the movie sucks big time. Its a horrible waste of the producer's money and is truly very very silly.

In spite of the spiteful comments to Raja Sen's honest and good Delhi 6 Movie Review and the overly biased horrible and misguiding review of the movie by Arthur J Pais I stick to my point the movie is definitely not worth watching even once.

After seeing Times of India give the movie a 3star and Arthur J Pais a 4star I decided to watch the movie on the day of release i.e today. The movie started well with touchy feely family sentiments , Indian cultural elements and yada yada. But very soon the director lost direction(all puns intended) and tried to bring in Hindu, Muslim unity, scenes from after death, martyrdom in Abishek Bacchan and totally screwed what could have been a good time pass movie. As far as the acting goes, AB looked constipated in his affected american accent but Sonam Kapoor the other lead has done a pretty good job(she looks very pretty too.). She cant cry it and just yells but I am sure she will work on that skill. But for the bad crying acting Sonam has improved a lot and shown that she can act, dance and be sexy. Kudos !!!

The Kaala Bandar in the movie which pops out of nowhere and finally is portrayed as the badness in all of us is a miserable attempt at being emotional, preachy and winning awards. One is left wondering if the Kaala Bandar has been given so much screen time that it and not Abishek should have been the Hero, well wudnt have made much difference for the movie anyways.

Anyways watch Delhi 6 if and only if , at least one of the following apply to you :

i) u r sick,
ii) have nothing else to do,
iii)want to really piss yourself off,
iv) Are a Delhiite and want to enjoy the spirit of Delhi, have some fond memories of the place kindled


And finally "Arthur J Pais" in the rare event that you are reading this - Whats wrong with you - Delhi 6 and wow dude u need to meet a psychiatrist



Anonymous said...

The title should ideally hav been "Kala Bunder" and not Delhi 6 instead...
Plzzzzzzzzzzzz dont recommend this movie to any of ur friends.
Sonam is as usual bland and knowing abhishek cannot act was casted in this bullshit movie!!!
For a moment I felt like I was watching a documentry film on so called "purani Delhi" with creepy characters!!!

Crazy on Bollywood said...

What the hell are you doing man?lol I strongly appreciated your choice...Sonam Kapoor hah ha ha.Do you understand a little about acting?i think not.Sonar Kapoor is completely wasted in that movie[except few scenes].If the movie lovers can see the shit movie like OSO and RNBDJ why don't they like the movie Delhi-6?.It's not a bad movie at all.Try to change your attitude man.