Out of no where, the "US" began!!!


one lingering sentence in my mind and i wanted to make a poetry out of it. at 1.30am i continued with my want and here is the outcome, dint like it much but seemed good enough to post, especially cos i haven't posted in abt a months time now.

Like a surprisingly wonderful serein
Out of no where, the "US" began
oh how wonderful the first date
when fortune more than compensated for bringing a gal in my life late

your silhouette in the yellow restaurant lights
embellished with the glowing ear rings, over shadowing many a wonderful sights
I heard not a thing u said
although my eyes were glued to your lips so red

I do not know of love at first sight
looks and lust perhaps. i believe got morphed as love at first sight
but here i was free from looks, lust or love
chanting to the almighty, frequently wow

in this weird state for which i have no name
awake but dreaming, i dared to see you as "my dame"
a few dates later i heard you call out my name
and say your life has been different after into it i came

you hinted at we becoming us and blushed
"you are beautiful will you marry me" finally i gushed
Out of no where, the "US" began
Out of no where, the "US" began