12.5% MBA!!!


Term 1 ended 5 min back with the completion of the marketing term exam.

The enlightening, rollercoaster ride through Managerial Economics, Financial Accounting, Statistics and Marketing Management comes to an end. And boy what a ride it has been, the first term at ISB, so much gyan coming from all directions, so much to learn, so much to cope up with , lots of unlearning and lots of ego bashing and humbling.

The back to school experience has been both unnerving and fun. Now its time to take stock of the situation, plan our strategies for remaining terms(hoping that we have understood a bit of how ISB works) and to party and celebrate this success of living thru term 1 .



Ramakrishnan R said...

3 cheers to survival

harshmeet said...

u haf such an excellent english!

Badrinath.V.S said...

Thanks da ramaks,
Thanks harshmeet