The Pursuit!!!


Notes : All my poems so far have a rhyme scheme, if I remember right so far in more than 100 poems I have written only one doesn't have a rhyme scheme, This one below is another such exception. This poem below is the impact of listening to Beatles for 2.5hrs this morning. Any reference to any person living or dead might be intentional. :-)

The Pursuit!!!

They ask me what if
what if she doesnt feel the same way
What if things dont work out
Or worse if she realizes a few months from now
That you are not the one and its not meant to be

I tell them well then
Well then I would have learnt what it means to feel vulnerable
Well then I would have learnt what it is to have loved and lost
or better still what it means to put your question out there
and wait in anticipation for a favorable answer

But then I also tell them imagine
Imagine if things work out
Imagine she too feels the same way
How wonderful things would be
What beautiful prospects future will have

They shake their heads in disagreement
This is foolish my friend they say
This is not rationale and the chances (to Us) seem slim
Its better that you think with your head
Instead of continuing to think with your heart

Oh my dear friends I know not if this is what the world calls love
perhaps this is just a strong crush
but whatever it is , it feels good
I am no masochist but I imagine the pain that could be
and weirdly lot of pleasure in it I see

So let me move forth with this pursuit of happiness
For again and again does my heart keep whispering
Give it a try and see
If you dont try and keep fearing things that can go wrong
In life more regrets than achievements there will be