Lets aim for a half century!!


pre 1947 India includes India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Burma

pre 1947 Afghanistan and Burma split

1947 India, Pakistan formed

1953 Potti Sriramulu leads by example, dies fasting for creation of Andhra, Andhra is formed.

1956 States reorganisation act - Split states based on language and culture

1956 Madras Presidency split to form - TamilNadu , Andhra, Karnataka

1960 Bombay State split to form Maharashtra and Gujarat

1962 Pondicherry, Dadra, Nagar Haveli, Goa, Daman Diu made Union Territories

1966 Punjab split to form Punjav, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and UT Chandigarh

1971 Himachal Pradesh becomes a state

1972 Manipur , Meghalaya and Tripura are formed

1975 Sikkim joins India is made a state

1987 Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram and Goa become states

2000 Chattisgarh created out of Madhya Pradesh

2000 Uttarakhand created out of Uttar Pradesh

2000 Jharkhand created out of Bihar

2009 Govt gives nod to split Andhra Pradesh to create Telangana (29th)

???? Gorkhaland (Fasting begins on 21st Dec 2009) from West Bengal (30th)

???? Vidharba

???? Saurashtra

???? Bundelkhand from UP & MP

???? Coorg from Karnataka

???? Harit Pradesh or Kisan Pradesh from UttarPradesh (35th)

???? Go on a hunger strike , pay some morons to destroy public property, name your State and you will get it



MANOJ.T said...

thats interesting !

Ramprax said...

How about splitting Tamil Nadu into Vada Tamizh Nadu & Then Tamizh Nadu.
Stalin as CM for VTN and Azhagiri as CM for TTN.
Chennai retained as capital for VTN.
Madurai capital for TTN.
Trichy will be split and shared. North of Kaveri(with Srirangam, Tiruvanaikka, Samayapuram) will belong to VTN. All of Trichy that lies South of Kaveri will belong to TTN.
Current CM of TN will go(or forced to go) on an indefinite hungerstrike which will precipitate the split.

Aarthi Bharath said...

Quite interesting.... though a sad state of affairs!!! Was wondering about the same though did not know the chronological order in which the states were created!!!