Couldnt really translate all my emotions into words, nevertheless a poem it is... so here goes a half baked poem

We both know that "we" are meant to be
But still i stay aloof and you ignore me
This Separation my dear is now starting to kill me
Like termites working on a book, slowly its destroying me

I dont know what love is
But I know you I so miss
Minutes without you seem like hours on a bed of nail
uncomfortable, torturous and by the second making me frail

I know you fell for me the very moment I first called out
But still only indirectly do you connect as if always in doubt
We both go about doing that stuff they call -living
We meet other, laugh, talk, play but oh god this is so sickening

Alas I am, without you near me just a zombie
Laugh, talk, play are all only pretense if one is just a zombie
There is hope in me that someday "we" will be
Hence I am not able to end this joke thats me

But dear if we are not going to happen
Please be merciful and end this joke thats me
Tell me that you hate me and walk away slowly
By the time my eyes lose sight of you I will be history