An ode to a loved one!!!


Have fallen in love with her
Years after I first met her
Dearer to me she has now become
Even though to the end of our chapter we have come
Rarely have I missed someone
And a permanent place in my heart very few have won
But she has now etched herself
Alas she has given me so much more than just herself
Dear I am sorry I have to go

Change alone is constant like you already know
Thanks for the friends that you gave me
Thanks for the aspects of life you made me see
I have changed a lot cos of you
I am a better man cos u made into
It sure feels like the end of an era
But dont worry "Merey dil mey sada rahega ek place thera"


lakshu said...

good 1 ! It made me cry ... I am missing Hyd so much ....