Tasco 30 Telescope with Tripod - Aint worth it!!!

Got loads of work today but still wanted to do some service to the world by posting this. Ordered Tasco 30 telescope on rediff shopping a few days back for Rs.300(all inclusive) Was eagerly awaiting my tryst with the stars

Product review : - Cheap chinese remake was delivered, really doubt if its an original tasco, the telescope is for kids from 8-12 years age. Totally not worth it for Adults.

Distributor Review : - Bhumi collections the guys from whom i ordered the telescope are crooks, they charged me Rs.40 extra for a surprise gift (apparently free surprise gift, but then the product was available for Rs.40 lesser without the gift) that turned out to be a dumb towel a few millimetres long. Again some chinese junk. What more the original box had some gift - the box reads telescope and glow in the night stickers. I dint get the sticker. Bhumi collection are crooks.

Rediff Shopping review: I am convinced now that rediff shopping is loaded with people taking junk from china and dumping it in India. Sad part is that Rediff doesnt allow u to post a feedback longer than 256 characters.

Buyer Review: Yet again i realize that i am dumb :-(

Finally : Hmm... I lost Rs.300 feel sad, this would go into my huge list of "money wasted on stupid stuff" at ISB, the list is led by the Rs,15K i paid for the preterms and currently and includes various other stuff like dominoes cheese burst, unnecessary parties etc.


Anonymous said...

thanks man i was going to make the same mistake

Rajesh Sundaram said...

I bought a similar telescope 2 years ago.. from eBay, and felt the same as you after opening the box.

I found the plastic tripod was little useful.. than the telescope. :-D

- Rajesh

Srinivasamohan said...

OMG, I was just going through eBay to order a telescope and found this not-expensive-at-all Tesco 30 and was at the verge of ordering. Thank god, I thought of checking out this stuff in the net and fell right on your blog.
- Srini

Pankhuri Patel said...

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