Somethings I learnt the last term!!!


While I go around telling everyone that I havent really learnt much from ISB, the truth is I have learnt a whole bunch of stuff like valuation techniques, market risks, managerial accounting, EVA etc that I really dont know how and where I will use in life. Going by the 4 years of engineering which dint really teach me anything that i couldn't have learnt myself from books and the internet (as and when i needed that skill in life) I am afraid MBA is going to end up in the same bucket too. But perhaps then its too early to predict the outcome since there are 5 more terms to go.

That said it is not like I haven't learnt anything from MBA

i) I have learnt that even at MBA level some folks feel very attached to the section, to the class, form cliques and that the song "Time of your Life " is going to push several of my batch mates into tears in about 5 more terms.
ii) Things that seem absolutely trivial to most folks, could be hyped up, become things of political interest and become things that must be done to uphold the dignity and honor of the folks, something through which team spirit is displayed even if you cant really understand how.
iii) Its ok to blast a person, shoot them down, as long as u finish your sentence with a smile, give them a light pat and say something that praises the batch or glorifies his/her team skills etc
iv) Irrespective of what people tell you they are working towards higher grades and those whom you expect least to have scored high are generally among the class toppers. ;-)
v) Apple Polishing(Networking) is still the most efficient way to get a job.

Will stick to just 5 points for now , will add a sequel to this learnings list later. its 3.30 am and too much surfing, movie watching and blog reading has driven me into the borders of insanity, making it hard for me to recollect the learnings. And ya if you think I am incorrect, I am generalizing blah blah, nope I am not generalizing, I am definitely to an extent right ;-) and these are well what I have learnt with my limited observing capabilities.



Reuben South said...

I've found that the most valuable part of going to school was the network I managed to establish with my classmates. I'm getting my MBA Degree and know for sure that it will not end up in a bucket anywhere along the way. Although your 5 points are true to an extent they should definitely be taken in strict moderation.

Vijay said...

Points 2 and 3 happen at work places. So be happy that you are getting trained on such situations at school :)

Networking is definitely the best way to switch jobs. Not sure if it helps to get a job in first place