Art of sitting through the 2 hrs!!!


Not sure if its me, or if its something that happens to every ISBian. But with the commencement of 3rd term , attending classes has become a routine display of the art of sitting through the 2hours. Its as if someone is inflicting severe pain on me and I am being patient enough to ignore it for 2hrs.

The profs are great and the subject content is good too, just that i have gotten bored of school. Cant wait for the course to complete , if ISB were to charge Rs.2 lacs and give the certificate today with a 3+GPA i wud gladly take it.

We had our midterm today and it was an eye opener, i realized how much i have gotten into the sitting through 2hrs syndrome. I was constantly looking at the clock and counting how much more time was left before i cud run away from the hall , reach my room and hit the bad - GOD WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME :-) :-)


p.s: Spoke to a couple of guys in my village, guess what they are suffering from the syndrome too


Anonymous said...

hi - roming around in the net, I saw your blog. I like ur thoughts and the song in the background also. I didn't know the language but it's nice.
Very Much Appreciated.