RACE -a review !!!


The movie doesn't even deserve a review. All those morons out there who gave the movie 2.5 on 5 pls quit movie reviewing.

Even though I mentioned above that the movie doesn't deserve a review for the sake of being a good samaritan let me, through this post, warn all those who haven't watched the movie yet.

RACE has no story, mid way thru the movie making , the director got confused and just wanted to complete the 2.5 hrs he had planned to shoot before. I am convinced the director doesn't know what he is trying to convey. There is loads of Flesh and Bips has been generous, not to mention Katrina who continues to store her clothes in matchboxes. Some impossible stunts that would make a tollywood Balayya movie look good. I dint like the music much , the music directors have come to think that a disco number with some english lines in between hindi songs is a sure success formula and hence are refraining from experiment new tunes.

And yes the lyrics need special mention, "touch me touch me touch me , kiss me kiss me kiss me" sounds more like prostitution than romance. All the actors are miserable but Anil Kapoor and Sameera reddy deserve special mention. Anil kapoor should stop trying this hard. Sameera reddy - What is she trying - given her pathetic looks I would have happily discarded her as just another sidekick insignificant, had she not tried to venture into comedy. I wouldn't be surprised if RACE won the oscar for the best comedy.

Finally - I am not sure why RACE is not racing out of the theatres its Horrible.