Stag on New year!!!


The problem with being a Stag(Someone who attends a dance party without a female companion) on special occasions such as new years night is that most of these rotten party houses dont allow you inside.

Why do i want to attend the party - to shake a leg have some fun , its new years
Why the pubs are rotten - cos they dont allow stags or stag entry is extremely expensive
Why do i need to go as a stag :

i ) Cos some idiot sometime wrote a rule that gentlemen sponsor for women and if u take a gal you end up paying for her.(I know u think i am cheap but come on 1400 bucks for entry and 600 for drinks and 400 for food for some unknown gal thats insane)

ii) Getting a gal for just one party aint that easy (Unless u pick up one of those escorts standing outside this pub who do this as a service)

iii) I dont drink and i dont want to pay for someone else's drink even if the gal looks pretty. and several other similar reasons.(of course i am not dating anyone and that i am single are understood as reasons)

Why the pubs dont allow stags - cos stags are unruly and difficult to manage , couples and gals are well behaved. Gimme a break ....

Well I can gripe all that i want but no one is listening , so 99.99% i will be spending new years night at my house in hyderabad with my roommates(yes they are losers too).

God I wish a miracle happened and these pubs allowed stags at an affordable entry price.


P.S : HAPPY NEW YEAR FOLKS, May god bless you with good health , wealth, happiness and prosperity


DV said...

lol! Wishing you a year that clears the 'stag' status! Good luck!

Badrinath.V.S said...

hey Dv,

Nice to see u here man, take back ur words, they are in fact a curse. I am better of with my academic pursuits this year than trying to clear my stag status. so how is it going at ur end.


Mouli said...

Man, Iam surprised that u still havent figured out why you dont get gals that easily. Loser, when you are so rigid about the way you want to date a girl obviously there is going to be equally strong rigidity on the other side. There are only 2 options left for you, quit whigning and taking the moral high ground or be happy on your stag status.

Badrinath.V.S said...

who said i am looking for dates, i am looking for entry into pubs. with or without gals.

after all once in a while a man must get a chance to shake a leg.