ISB here i come!!!


Have i finally reached the level of success that I have always been dreaming about, I dont know. But something tells me thats this what i have achieved is quite significant and will positively change the way my life was headed.

After many crashed dreams, many failed attempts at desired pursuits, finally due to gods grace one pursuit succeeded and am happy about that. - I now hold an admit card from the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad.

I would love to call myself a self made man and claim that i did a lot of wonderful stuff to get here but then that wudnt be true at all. in fact it will be far from the truth.

The following contributed to my getting an admit. Many a thanks to all those mentioned

(Note : the list doesnt follow any specific order)

i) Srinath and Chitra Sreenath(My Parents)
All that i have achieved is cos of them.

ii) Amarnath and Sainath(My Bros)
For all the support and for keeping me smiling.

iii) Chandramouleeswaran Baskaran(My cousin)
For funding my GMAT, My ISB application for reviewing my essays and for the morale support and guidance

iv) K V Phanindra(My business partner and good friend)
For allowing me to use the office equipments for personal work and for the great morale support

v) Biswaranjan Tripathy(My roomie)
For editing my essays and for the morale support

vi) RamaKrishna (My friend from ISB)
For his support and guidance and for withstanding my constant pestering.

vii) Srinivas (My friend from ISB and a fellow advaitin)
For his support and guidance and for the shirt that i wore to ISB for the interview.

viii) Avinash, Shyam, Pratik and Lakshmi Narayan (Alums and current Students of ISB)
For their expert guidance (A special mention is required for lakshmi who spent several hours helping me)

ix)Bharath and Rajesh Sundaram(My best pals)
For kicking me out of chennai(out of my comfort zones), had i not come to hyderabad i wudnt have started dreaming abt ISB

x) Pudipeddi Jogesh and Shailesh (My boss and My X-Boss)
For the recommendation letters that they so willingly gave

xi) Saroj(My roomie)
For my costume design for the day of interview

xii) Jayanth(My Friend)
For the inspiration and for introducing me to Lakshmi

xiii) Guhan, Sumit Mittal, and Vijay Krisha (My Pals)
For the interview and essay writing tips

xiv)Girish (My ex-boss)
For introducing me to the world of marketing and for locating the managerial skills in me.

xv) Balraj Jayanth(My x-Flat Mate)
For the certificate scans

xvi) K V Shivakumar and Lalitha (My cousin and my friend)
For reading my application(cross-verifying) and for the interview tips

xvii) And the many others from friends, family, relatives and wellwishers
Who made subtle (hence i am not able to recollect their name) but yet significant contributions -directly or indirectly.

Thank you all. Do remember to ping me for a party anytime after April 2009.


P.S If you think i have missed out your name thats only bcos i think you could have contributed more. :)

P.P.S Its weird how many had to help me for me to get to this place. Just the list i remember crosses 25. Its also weird how things that I thought were stupid, meaningless and a royal waste of time eventually ended up contributing to the diversity in my profile. Like Steve says u cant connect the dots looking forward.

P.P.P.S My thanks to the gods I pray too and my spiritual instructors. ;-)

P.P.P.P.S Today is Thailavar RajniKanth's Bday I was damn sure something good will happen. Thalaivar Rocks.


biswaranjan said...

Congrats again..U really deserved it!! let ur dots connect and always remember the words u told me..'stay hungry, stay foolish'.

Badrinath.V.S said...

thanks dude, i owe u a lot, btw i am sure u know even though i keep saying "stay hungry stay foolish" they are Steves words too . At least he is the one who popularized them .

Mani said...

congrats buddy..! stay in touch..!

Shyam said...

i saw this article only today....