I am finally there!!!


I am finally there - If you are reading this post on 4th April 2009 that should be the message on the count down timer in the right column. The MBA program in ISB is over, 1 year is gone, the graduation begins in another 17-18 hrs and by end of day today it would be curtains.  Reminiscence is something I am not good at , it often leads to gripes, but such an important year cant go un-recollected

My biggest take away: The shift into management and a high paying job. 

Although I cant claim to have gotten the biggest or most coveted or highest paying job on campus, In an year that has tortured most of my classmates placement wise, I am happy I got a job thats above average. I have only one explanation for how I managed this - God's grace. 

My biggest regret       : Not having made any friends.

I have always struggled at making friends, I am quick to start networking with people and quicker in dropping the network and moving on. I lose interest in people very fast and find it very difficult to listen to a boring competition, put up with something I dont agree, laugh at a non joke, etc perhaps i am autistic but whatever be the reason In my 21 yrs of education and 5 yrs of work experience I have managed to make only 8 friends.

The school has been a good experience for a few, many found their dream jobs, many got what they wanted out of it, many found their future life partners. But I am convinced at least 40% of the batch would agree with me when I say  - something just doesnt add up about the ISB experience, something is lacking. Albeit we cant put our finger on a particular point, that point still exists.

Overall I am happy with the way things went. It  was ok. But if I could go back in time would i choose ISB - definitely not. Why - all i can say is that something was just not right, something was missing, and one day before I leave the school I am still unsure whether its me or the school.



Sriram said...

Buddy! congrats! well this is the first time am seeing ur post! but if u go back in time will u regret calling me and asking if you should come to Hyd to take up a job??!! I know.. I know..you are probably still using words that cant be written down for that suggestion! hey but taking up ISB was not my suggestion after all!

Badrinath.V.S said...

illa da must admit, have fallen in love with hyd, alas that phone call with you dint turn out to be a bad idea at all. Not just cos of ISB but cos of various other things. Hyd has surely taught me a lot.

Sriram said...

cool buddy! and congrats yet again! I am proud of you my son! nalla iru machi!

shankar.n said...

Badri MBA.. congrats... and all the best for ur job too.. so.. when r u joining? and where (if u could disclose )