ISB Sec E party at Scarlet Pub Jubilee hills !!!


Si is leaving ISB to join Babsons, coming from an entrepreneurial family she decided babsons was a better choice.

Now she wanted it to be different from all the other parties at ISB so this was thrown at a pub called Scarlet Pub. The party started at 9pm and went on till 12.30am. Some 50 of us attended the same. Here are some highlights of the party

i) When i reached the party it was 10.45pm so the folks present there were already 2 hrs into the party and had guzzled dozens of flaming lamborghinis and bazookas , beers and vodkas and whiskey.

ii) I was greeted with hugs from several of the party animals on the dance floor and i immediately knew they were far too drunk. (I dont remember the last time they said hi to me when they were sober ;-) )

iii) I found out who loves whom, who thinks what abt whom, folks where in a confessing mood. i heard everything from "Man i love her a lot but dont tell her too" --- "that guy is a A.hole ....."

iv) Some of the drunk folks took to the wheels and raced us back to school - god it was scary

v) of course there was puking, shouting, dancing, jumping etc etc etc

vi) some caring folk ensured everyone reached home safe - good job I must say

vii) Everyone who was rocking from excess -anols in them (ethanol, methanol ...) felt the party was rocking, sober folks like me who saw the guys who rocked felt it was fun.

Nevertheless its one of the best parties i have been too, all the best to Si, and to the drunk folks of the day -some of you told me secrets that you really dont want me to know ;-0